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My Dear Fans & Friends,
If you are reading this letter then you are at my website and
"I'm So Happy"......Welcome!
I'm still "kickin'" thanks to people like you
who believe in me and support my music!
You are the reason I keep reaching and
I am lovingly inspired by my cowboy man "A.J." 
I thank God for my little piece of heaven on
Burkemont Mountain, for all the good people
in my life, my dogs & horses!


Take Care & I Love You,
Juleigh Ed

May the light shine through for you....
P.S. Make your plans for Whippoorwill Musicfest 2010
See You There!  Yee-Ha!!!


Juleigh Ed started performing while she was very young.  She performed in a band and traveled across the country for years.

Juleigh Ed has made her appearance on the GRAND OLE OPRY, CROOK AND CHASE, a USO TOUR as well as many, many performances for the disabled.  She loves to perform, and loves to help others!

If you haven't seen a performance by Juleigh Ed, then you are definitely missing something. Her high powered perfomance is something you will never forget. Juleigh Ed touches your heart! Her songbird voice will touch your soul as well!

Howdy Folks and Thanks for Stopping By !